Strong financial strength

positive cash flow.

Data analysis of the whole network

Industry precision data Synchronization

Warehousing & logistics covering countrywide

Distribution centers are available at small,
medium & large-size cities

Rich media resources and good cooperative relationship with paper media

videos, televisions & famous websites.

    SEiF was established at 2015 with a registered capital of 221.21m CNY.With flat management model, SEiF sets up investment department, management center,  sales department, logistics distribution center, financial management center, information processing center, administrative service center and customer service center.

    Mainly by deep divided channles and supported by the Internet technology, balancing the upgraded end-use market. Relying on the high quality brand and modern brand operation concept,SEiF has became the first class consumer goods brand business operation company.

    Dedicated to brand building, food safety, cultivating young Chinese talents and public affairs.

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