Strong financial strength

Good cash reserves

Network data analysis

Synchronize accurate industry data

Warehousing distribution covers the country

Logistics distribution centers in large, medium and small cities

Rich media relations

All channel print, video, TV coverage

Portal site coverage and good relationships

    The company was established 2 years ago with registered capital of 221.21 million. In the flat management mode, the company has seven management centers, including investment center, operation and management center, sales center, logistics distribution center, financial management center, information processing center, administrative service center, customer service center and seven management centers.

    Channel refinement and deep cultivation are the main, Internet technology is the auxiliary, and the upgraded consumer goods market should be taken into account. Relying on the quality brand and modern brand operation concept, become a first-class consumer goods brand business operation company.

    Mission: just for your peace of mind.

    Vision: Let Seif walk into every corner of life

    Values :

    1、Safety: safety first, healthy life.

    2、Integrity: honesty and integrity.

    3、Passion: passion goes beyond and never gives up.

    4、Win-win: teamwork, mutual benefit and win-win.

    • Eight years international logistics experience
    • Domestic B2B supply chain network
    • Abundant offline dealers, distributors
    • 580 Yonghui Superstores
    • 423 Walmart Stores

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